Oh, The Places You'll Go!

One thing I'm super excited about doing is exploring the area in which I live. I'll be blogging about places we go and enjoy (both near and far) so hopefully you'll get some ideas of places to visit or can recommend places to me!

Cities, Towns and Villages

Eateries (Restaurants and Cafes)

Museums and Attractions
- @ Bristol
Shopping Treasure Troves
- Bath Road Market
- Rosablue

The Great Outdoors
- Crickley Hill
- Tarr Steps


  1. I clicked on this page because it's the tile of my son's favourite bedtime story! It looks like we're in the same neck of the woods. Here are some other great places in Gloucestershire to explore http://nipitinthebud.wordpress.com/category/gloucestershire/

    1. Thanks, I'll have to take a look and add to our list of 'places we'll go'!