I'm Abi.

Abzi's Story started in 2009 when I took a little trip to America. It was my means of journalling the adventure and communicating it quickly with my family and friends at home in the U.K.

I fell in love with blogging and recording my 'story' - so I am still here, still blogging.

My life has moved on a lot since that trip. I met a Handsome Man who later became my husband. We are currently living in our second home together in Cheltenham, England.

My blog is a documentation of my life, and the amazing man I now share it with.

I love exploring and going on adventures.

I teach family history.

I can often be found snuggled in a blanket with a book.

My lovely Canon camera is rarely far from my hand.

I try to explore different crafts, which leads to both success and disaster stories!

I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E. sometimes called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or C.F.S).

This is Dane.

He was born to be a writer.

He loves movies and wants to be a screen writer.

When he has earned his millions from successful movies, he will drive a Bentley because they are (in his opinion) the best type of car.

He is My Handsome Man.

Abzi's Story is a personal blog, outlining the day to day activities I get up to with and without my husband. All opinions expressed in the blog are my own (though My Handsome Man might have his say as well!)
I am happy to do reviews or giveaways of products or places. If I am being paid to do a review I will state clearly within the blog post. 
I will be fair in my comments, if I do not like a product I will say so. I try to focus on the positive side and have no intention of defaming, humiliating or hurting any product or company I write about.
If you are interested in working with me please email abibridgwater@gmail.com to discuss opportunities. Likewise, if you feel I have been unfair in one of my posts please contact me and I will look at editing the post in question.

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